PNB Seminar Series

              Fall 2017 PNB Seminar Series

Wednesdays, 4-5 pm, TLS, Room 111 


Date Speaker University & Department  Title Host
06 SEP Dr. Geoffrey Abbott University of California Irvine “Ion channel-transporter interactions” Tzingounis
13 SEP Dr. Kristin Scott Berkeley “Feeding decisions in Drosophila” Menuz
20 SEP Dr. Gianfranco Alpini Texas A&M “Role of secretin in liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic and cholestatic liver diseases” Wang
27 SEP Dr. Ralph DiLeone Yale “Neural dynamics of the nucleus accumbens and its influence on food intake and physical activity” Jackson
*04 OCT


Dr. Terry Orr-Weaver MIT “Post-transcriptional regulation of the oocyte-to-embryo transition in Drosophila”


11 OCT Dr. Marisela Morales NIH “Neuronal diversity and co-transmission” Jackson
18 OCT Dr. Hubert Amrein Texas A & M

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

“Taste Coding and Internal Nutrient Sensing in Drosophila” Menuz
25 OCT Dr. Tarik Haydar Boston University

Department of Anatomy and Neurobilogy

“The effects of lineage and gene expression on neural stem cell development in the mammalian neocortex.” Kanadia
01 NOV Dr. Reppert UMASS

Department of Neurobiology

“Monarch Mania: Neurogenetics of Monarch Butterfly Migration” Menuz
08 NOV
29NOV Dr. Benjamin Deneen Baylor “TBD” Conover
06DEC Dr. Alison Kohan UCONN

Department of Nutritional Sciences

“TBD” LoTurco

SFN November 11-15, 2017   :   Thanksgiving 23NOV   :    Final Exams 11DEC-17DEC