PNB 2265

PNB 2265 – Human Physiology and Anatomy

Instructors Kristen Kimball (Storrs), John Redden (Storrs), Kathleen Toedt(Hartford)

Lab Director Radmila Filipovic

Second semester (requires PNB 2264 which is offered in the first semester). Four credits each semester. Three class periods and one 3-hour laboratory. Prerequisite:BIOL 1107, and one of CHEM 1122, 1124 or 1127Q. Not open to students who have passed PNB 2274-2275. PNB 2264-2265 must be taken in sequence to obtain credit, and may not be counted toward the Biological Sciences or Physiology and Neurobiology majors.

Fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology for students in medical technology, physical therapy, nursing, and education (Sport Science).

Course References

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Student resources

Catlas: online atlas of cat anatomy.


Weather Closing Policy: school cancellation policy pdf download.