Spring Courses

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PNB 1000 Introduction to Physiology and Neurobiology

PNB 2265 Human Physiol & Anat II

PNB 2275 Enh Human Phys & Anat II

PNB 3120W Scientific Writing in Physiology and Neurobiology

PNB 3251 Biology of the Brain

PNB 3260 Stem Cell Biology

PNB 3262 Mammalian Endocrinology

PNB 3264W Molec Princ of Physiol

PNB 3265 Comparative Endocrinology

PNB 3278 Patient and the Healer

PNB 3340 Non-coding RNAs in Human Physiology and Disease

PNB 3700 Sensory physiology

PNB 5302 Fund. of Physiology

PNB 6400 Seminar in Neurobiology

PNB 6426  Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology

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