Financial Aid

Stipend/Assistantships and Financial Assistance

Several types of financial support are available to graduate students. [Ph.D. students receive at most a 3-year promise of support in the form of a Teaching Assistantship. Subsequently Ph.D. students receive a Research Assistantship with a 6-year maximum support limitation [except in exceptional cases.] In general, we do not provide funding for students in terminal Masters Programs. For the 2016-17 academic year, full-time teaching assistantships (nine months) pay $22,243 for beginning graduate students, $23,405 for those with an MS or the equivalent, and $26,021 for those who have passed the PhD general examination.

During the summer, additional support is provided to Ph.D. students, and University fellowships are also available. Tuition is waived for graduate students who are awarded half or full teaching assistantships and with full time registration (six credits or more and maintaining a 3.0 or better grade average). Both half and full teaching assistants may purchase excellent health-care coverage, heavily subsidized by UConn. There are also several research fellowships available to Ph.D. students.

With the stipend and tuition waiver, (not including medical benefits and University fees), the value of a beginning UConn PNB Ph.D. graduate assistantship totals approximately $41,000. For more information on fees that are not paid by our department, please see:

International students must pass an oral English proficiency test to qualify for a teaching assistantship. See for more details.