PNB Faculty and Staff Photo Page

The PNB Department Office is located in the basement of Torrey Life Sciences (TLS) room 67. PNB faculty, staff and graduate students are located in Pharm/Bio (PBB)Torrey Life Sciences (TLS) and Biology Physics (BPB). (Click on the building name to get a map showing its location.)

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Marie Cantino

Associate professor (Emeritus)

Xinnian Chen

Associate professor in residence
Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs
Assistant director of Faculty Development Programs at CETL

Joanne Conover

Associate professor

Joseph Crivello


Angel de Blas


Radmila Filipovic

Program Director of Graduate Certificate Program in Intraoperative Neuroscience, Assistant Professor In Residence

Robert Gallo


Alexander Jackson

Assistant professor

Rahul Kanadia

Associate professor

Kristen Kimball


Joseph Loturco

Professor and Department Head

Karen Menuz

Assistant professor

Andrew Moiseff

Professor and Associate Dean for Behavioral and Life Sciences

Daniel Mulkey

Associate professor

Akiko Nishiyama



Linnaea Ostroff

Assistant Professor

John Redden

Assistant professor in residence
Assistant director of Faculty Development Programs at the Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning (CETL)

J. Larry Renfro

Professor (Emeritus)

Daniel Schwartz

Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment (COR2E)

Jianjun Sun

Assistant professor

Geoffrey Tanner

Assistant professor in residence

Anastasios Tzingounis

Associate professor

Randall Walikonis

Associate professor

Li Wang



Maritza Abril

Academic assistant

Linda Armstrong

Administrative Assistant

Susan 'Zen' Bursceski

Academic advisor

Penny Dobbins

Lab Supervisor

Ann Hamlin

Laboratory technician

Kathy Kelleher


Ed Lechowicz

Technical Associate

Chris O'Connell

Academic Assistant (Confocal Microscopy)

Sonda Parker

Laboratory Technician 1

Noreen Sgro


Xuanhao Sun

Academic Assistant (EM Facility)