PNB 3294 Spring 2016

A NEW Course in PNB to be given in Spring 2016

PNB 3294 – Non-coding RNAs in Human Physiology and Disease (2 credits)

Every time we scientists think that we have dissected the precise biological nature of a process, an incidental finding, a brilliantly designed experiment, or an unexpected result can turn our world upside down. Non-coding RNAs, discovered through both luck and perseverance, are striking examples of this concept. Until recently thought by many to be cellular “junk” because they do not encode proteins, non-coding RNAs are gaining a growing recognition for their roles in the regulation of a wide scope of processes, ranging from embryogenesis and development to cancer and degenerative disorders. The aim of this class is to introduce the diversity of the RNA world, inhabited by microRNAs, lincRNAs, piRNAs, and many others. Our goal is to glean insights into the functional importance of these RNA molecules and to understand the mechanisms of their action. We will discuss landmark studies that offer a historical perspective as well as read papers from the latest issues of scientific journals to learn about the most recent developments in this rapidly evolving field. We will discover how changes in non-coding RNAs can lead to disease and how we can explore the therapeutic potential of non-coding RNAs.

Instructor: Li Wang,

Time: Monday 11.00 to 12:45

Location: TLS 111

Prerequisites: Either MCB2400 or MCB2410; MCB2000 or MCB3010; One course from PNB2275, MCB2210.

Open to juniors or higher.