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Neil Sharma, PNB 2018 (Tanner Group), was awarded an IBaCS Fall 2017 Research Award on Nov. 20 for his project on dietary therapy for epilepsy in Drosophila models.

CSCH Seed Grant Stage 1 Winners Announced.  Frank Amaefuna and Samuel Schick (Physiology and Neurobiology) Lab of Joanne Conover  Pitch: Concussion App in High School

Rada Filipovic received on behalf of UConn a 2017 Innovative and Creative Programming Award for the Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Graduate Certificate Program from the UPCEA, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association.

Dong Ju Shin, in the lab of Dr. Li Wang, was awarded an RO1 Award from the NIH.   The title of her project is The microRNA Control of Alcoholic Liver Injury and Hepatic Lipid Metabolism.

Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Katiria M. Flores
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
10:00am – 12:00pm
Storrs Campus, Torrey Life Sciences Building (TLS), Room 111
Characterizing the Gender Differences of Multidrug-resistance Peptide (MRP) Transporter Expression in Mouse Blood-brain Interfaces
Physiology and Neurobiology  Contact: J. Larry Renfro,

Yongfeng Song was selected to receive the 2017 Charles Trey, MD Memorial Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

Professor Joanne Conover was awarded an Innovator Award from the Hydrocephalus Association. The title of her grant is Post-Infections Hydrocephalus: Developmental Sensitivities Based on Stem Cell Niche and Ependymal Lining Status, Hydrocephalus Association.

Professor Dan Mulkey was recently featured in UConn Today with an article about his new discovery that regulation of blood flow in a brainstem respiratory center is specialized to support the drive to breathe.

Anastasios Tzingounis has been awarded a DHHS/NIH Grant to study Novel Approach to Reveal the PKA Sensitive Potassium Channels Mediating the sAHP. (Nov. 2016)

Jianjun Sun has been awarded a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration grant for “A Novel Platform for Screening Non-Hormonal Contraceptives.” See the UConn Today article… (Nov. 2016)

Dan Schwartz was awarded an NINDS R21 for “Determining the Substrate Specificity of Wild-Type and Encephalopathy-Associated Mutants of Protein Kinase CDKL5.” (Sept 2016)

Li Wang was awarded a NIAAA R21 for “Long non-coding RNAs in alcoholic liver disease.” (June 2016)

Joanne Conover was awarded a NIH/NINCDS R21 to study “Stem Cell Generation of Transport Epithelia for the Brain’s Ventricular System.” (May 2016)

Joanne Conover received a UConn Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science seed grant for “Spatiotemporal Mapping Of Stem Cell Fate In The Normal And Hydrocephalic Developing Brain.”  (May 2016)

Karen Menuz was awarded a NIH Early Career Research Award to study “Modulation of odor encoding by non-neuronal auxiliary cells.” (May 2016)

Undergraduate Brock Chimileski has been selected as the 2016 PNB Beckman Scholar. Brock will be pursuing his research under the mentorship of Alex Jackson. (May 2016)

Graduate Student Elizabeth Knapp (Dr. Sun‘s laboratory) has received a travel award from The Genetics Society of America to present her research at The Allied Genetics Conference 2016. (Apr. 2016)

Daniel Mulkey was awarded a $1.5M R01 grant from NIH/NHLBI to study “Glial chemosensitivity and control of breathing in Rett syndrome.” This project is in collaboration with coPI Michelle Olsen from the University of Alabama. (Apr. 2016)

Physiology and Neurobiology offers a six-week, 9-credit summer certificate program in the field of Intraoperative NeuromonitoringFor more information… (Apr. 2016)

Radmilla Filipovic and Kristen Kimball received 2016 Provost’s Teaching Innovation Mini Grant awards. (Apr. 2016)

Li Wang has been awarded an NIH R21 Grant. (Apr. 2016)

Undergraduate student Sarah Mosure (Dr. Wang‘s Laboratory) has been awarded an American Heart Association summer fellowship. (Apr. 2016)

Graduate student Fred Murphy (Dr. Moiseff‘s laboratory) received the Best Poster Award at the 2016 East Coast Nerve Net. (Mar. 2016)

Graduate student Katiria Flores (Dr. Renfro‘s laboratory) has won a Minority Travel Award to attend EB2016 in San Diego where she won 1st place for best graduate student presentation in the Toxicology Division(Mar. 2016)

Postdoctoral fellow Virginia Hawkins (Dr. Mulkey‘s laboratory) was awarded the Research Recognition Award from the Respiration Section of APS. She will be honored at EB2016 in San Diego in April. (Feb. 2016)

The University of Connecticut was one of only 12 recipients of a 2016 Beckman Scholars Program award. This success was the result of the work of Xinnian Chen and her team. (Feb. 2016)

Jianjun Sun has received a NIH/NICHD R01 grant to study “Genetic interrogation of conserved follicular factors for matrix metalloproteinase regulation and ovulation.” (Feb. 2016)

Students from PNB, BME, MCB or related departments with an interest in bioengineering are encouraged to apply for a 2016 Deligeorges Family Scholarship. Application deadline is April 1, 2016. More information… (Mar. 2016)

Nominations are being accepted for the 2016 James S. Romanow Memorial Award. This award is for a PNB graduate or advanced undergraduate student who has not only excelled in research, but has also contributed to the research training of others outside of the classroom. Application deadline is April 1, 2016. More information… (Mar. 2016)

Undergraduates: Apply to be a Beckman Scholar (application deadline March 15, 2016.) Up to two exceptional undergraduates, majoring in biology or a related field, will be selected as 2016-2017 Beckman Scholars to pursue their independent research project under the auspices of an approved full-time faculty Mentor. More information…  (Mar. 2016)

Undergraduates: Applications are being accepted for the Paul L. Drotch Undergraduate Biology Scholarship. Application deadline is Friday, March 11, 2016. More information… (Mar. 2016)

Li Wang and collaborators Dennis Wright (Pharmacy) and Diane Burgess (Pharmacy) received a grant from CT PITCH for their project “HMGB2: a potential therapeutic target to prevent and reverse liver fibrosis.” (Feb. 2016)

Read about the Tzingounis laboratory in the the Daily Campus – A day in the lab: UConn researchers explore epilepsy. (Feb. 2016)

Daniel Mulkey, along with co-PI’s Anastasios Tzingounis and Xinnian Chen, were awarded $301,406 from the State of Connecticut’s 2015 Biomedical Trust Fund for their project, “KCNQ2 channels in chemosensitive RTN neurons regulate breathing and are potential targets for treatment of stroke-induced respiratory dysfunction.”(Dec. 2015)

Read about Li Wang‘s laboratory in UConn Today . (Nov. 2015)

Read about Alexander Jackson‘s laboratory in UConn Today. (Oct. 2015)

Margaret Rubega (EEB) and John Redden (PNB) have received an award from the CLAS Fund for Innovative Education in Science to develop an undergraduate two-course sequence focused on Teaching and Learning Science Writing by Writing for the Public. (Oct. 2015)

New PNB Courses for Spring 2016: PNB3120W Scientific Writing in Physiology and Neurobiology and  PNB3294 Non-coding RNAs in Human Physiology and Disease. (Oct. 2015)

Virginia Hawkins has received an NIH NRSA F32 postdoctoral fellowship to “define the genetic profiles of functionally characterized individual astrocytes from brainstem respiratory centers.’ More… (Sept. 2015)

Li Wang has been awarded an NIH/NIAAA R21 grant to study Alcohol, nuclear receptor signaling, and circadian clocks. (Sept. 2015)

Dr. Susan Dymecki will be the keynote speaker. at Neuroscience@Storrs on October 2. (Sept, 2015)

PNB welcomes its new appointments for Fall 2015Karen Menuz (Assistant Professor),  Radmila Filipovic (Assistant Professor in Residence), John Redden (Assistant Professor in Residence), Maritza Abril (Academic Assistant – EM Lab), Chris O’Connell (Facility Scientist – Confocal facility), Sonda Parker (Lab Tech – A&P Labs). Faculty & Staff listing… (Sept, 2015)

UConn Today highlights Anastasios Tzingounis‘ collaborative report published in the June 10 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience. (July, 2015)

Daniel Schwartz has been appointed as the Director of the Biotechnology Bioservices Center (BBC). More… (July, 2015)

Li Wang has been awarded a 5-year, $1.78M NIH/NIEHS grant to study the Molecular Basis of Cancer Cell Metabolic Reprogramming. (July, 2015)

PNB recognizes the recipients of the 2015 PNB awards: David Plamondon Memorial Award: Jamie Moffa and Raymond Umatiao; Outstanding Graduating PNB Student: Bingyao Zhou and Richard Wolfez; Outstanding PNB Teaching Assistant: Ashley Kilcollins. (May, 2015)

Congratulations to Li Wang for her promotion to Professor and to Xinnian Chen for her promotion to Associate Professor in Residence. (April, 2015)

Prof. Akiko Nishiyama has been awarded the 2015 CLAS Excellence in Research Award in the division of Behavioral and Life Sciences. (March, 2015)

Physiology and Neurobiology in collaboration with Safe Passage Neuromonitoring, offers a six-week, 9-credit summer certificate program in the field of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring. Learn more about this program…

Dr. Li Wang has been awarded a $ 1.7M grant from the NIH National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). R01 DK104656 “LncRNA as a New Mediator of Bile Acid Homeostasis”. (February, 2015).

PNB 2265 and 2275 Students: The url for CATLAS is

The 2015 Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place May 1, 1:30 – 7:00 PM, in BPB 130.

The 2015 PNB Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place April 24, 1:00 – 2:45 PM, in TLS 111. Presentation schedule…

PNB Majors: Apply now for the 2015 David Plamondon Memorial Award. Get more information…

Apply for the 2015 Paul L. Drotch Undergraduate Scholarship. This scholarship competition is open to all UConn biology undergraduates (BIOL, EEB, MCB, PNB, Structural biology & biophysics.)  Read more about Lt. P. L. Drotch and download an application form…

Faculty: Nominate a PNB graduate or advanced undergraduate student who has excelled in research and has contributed to the research training of others outside of the classroom for the 2015  James S. Romanow Memorial Award …

A new Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope has been installed in room G10 in the Bioscience Electron Microscope Facility (ground floor of the Biology Physics Building). This microscope was acquired through an NIH Instrumentation grant awarded to Prof. Akiko Nishiyama. This is an inverted microscope with four PMT channels, one high-sensitivity HyD detector for photon counting, and a fast 8 kHz resonant scanner for low photo-toxicity. If you are interested in using it, contact for access to the online user registration form. Contact for additional information.

PNB 2264/2274 Students – CATLAS has moved to a new URL.

PNB welcomes Dr. Li Wang to our facultyDr. Wang’s research is focused on several related areas centered on nuclear receptor regulation of chronic liver diseases.