2015 PNB Undergraduate Research Symposium

PNB Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 24, 2015 Lunch 12:00-­‐‑1:00

Presentations 1:00-­‐‑2:45 p.m.

Time Name Title Advisor
1:00 Bing Zhou Whole Neocortical Surface Imaging Reveals Area Specific Patterns of Activity in Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuron Populations LoTurco
1:15 Miryam Wilson Neuroanatomical Characterization of Transgenic Mouse Lines for the Study of the Hypothalamic Histaminergic System. Jackson
1:30 Richard Wolferz A Comparative Analysis of Proper Mouse Strains for Modeling Traumatic Brain Injury Conover
1:45 Vivian Wang Regional differences in PDGF response of NG2 glial cells in gray and white matter Nishiyama
2:00 Aileen Haque Oscillatory Activity in the Subthalamic Nucleus in a Pharmacological Rodent Model of Parkinsonian Tremor Salamone
2:15 Tiahna Spencer Induction of tremulous jaw movements by the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor galantamine: Studies with a mouse model of Parkinsonian tremor. Salamone
2:30 Farah Gazi The Role of Neonatal Fc Receptor in Transplacental Allergen Transfer Matson/Renfro
2:45 Katery Hyatt Using transcriptomics to find the molecular signature underlying tumor genetic heterogeneity. Kanadia