Welcome to Catlas!

Catlas is an online atlas of cat anatomy for students enrolled in PNB264/265. If you aren't taking this course, feel free to study the pages within. However, only those muscles and organ structures relevant to PNB264/265 are pictured, so you may not find what you were looking for...

Notes on use (academic):

These web pages aren't meant to replace actual dissection.

Feel free to print, repost, and transmit these images from your personal computers as you wish.

The lab computers are not your personal computers. Do not download software to them, do not check your email/myspace/facebook/etc. on them.

Notes on use (technical):

+ Your computer's screen resolution must be set to at least 1024x768 to accomodate all information
+ Your web browser should be capable of interpreting CSS
+ Catlas views best on the latest versions of Firefox(win/mac) and Safari(mac); although IE(win/mac) will work, some functionality is lost in the menu navigation.

Good luck,
Andrew Pagano