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Welcome to Dan Mulkey's Lab action potential

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Research Summary
  My research is centered understanding the electrophysiological characteristics of mammalian neurons in brainstem regions associated with respiratory control.  We are currently using a combination of slice-patch electrophysiology, fluorescent imaging and genetic approaches to identify ion channels that regulate activity and neurotransmitter modulation of respiratory chemoreceptors (i.e., neurons that provide a CO2/H+-dependent drive to breathe)[project 1].  We are also interested in the contribution of astrocytes to respiratory control, specifically we are exploring how astrocytes sense changes in CO2/H+ and communicate with neurons and vasculature via a purinergic dependent mechanism [project 2].  A third research project explores the mechanisms by which nitric oxide regulates motoneuron activity [project 3].  

Teaching Courses:
PNB    2275    Enhanced Physiology and Anatomy    Undergraduate    Spring
PNB    5302    Fundamentals of Physiology                 Graduate              Spring

Teacher of a New Era Fellow

University of Connecticut
Department of Physiology and Neurobiology
Pharmacy Building, Rm216
(Lab) 860-486-5572